Is it possible to have a love affair with food? We take great care and pride in all the foods we raise--from our "born & grazed" lamb and goat to our pastured chickens to our artisan cheeses and handcrafted gelatos. Food is our passion; bringing our farm's bounty to your table is our calling.

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We make artisan and farmhouse-style cheeses in our state-inspected cheese plant. We have access to some of the best goat, sheep and cow milk in the Mohawk Valley, which means no limit to the variety of high-quality cheeses we can make.

Chèvre, feta, cheddar, mold-ripened, “drunken goat”, Manchego-style, mozzarella, even lowly cream cheese is better when produced in your own backyard. Our cheeses are found on menus at fine restaurants throughout New York and on your favorite bagel.

Frozen Desserts

Mexican Chocolate Goat Milk Gelato

Using nothing but whole milk and simple ingredients, our line of goat, sheep and cow’s milk milk gelatos are flavorful and refreshing. We partner with local producers whenever possible and specialize in seasonal varieties. No cream, no stabilizers, no hard-to-pronounce ingredients. Expect seasonal flavors like roasted plum, honey-lavender, strawberry, raspberry-lime, blueberry cheesecake, cafe au lait, Mexican chocolate, vanilla bean, and maple walnut.

Pastured Chicken

Our chicken is raised on pasture with unlimited access to sunshine, grass, and all the bugs they can find. They are fed an all-natural, locally sourced feed: No antibiotics, no hormones, no animal bi-products. We find that birds raised this way are happier and healthier. The meat is better, too—firm, juicy and flavorful.

We process all of our chicken on the farm in our state-inspected 5A slaughterhouse. This is the best way for us to ensure a high quality product from beginning to end. Look for Jones Family chicken at Central New York’s best restaurants.


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Lamb & Goat Meat

All of our lambs and goats are born and grazed right here on the farm. We do not buy feeder animals. This means our animals stay with their mothers from birth to harvest, with minimal stress. Our animals are raised on grass, hay and browse alone. We do not feed grain. The result is a healthier and hardier flock and a pure, clean-tasting meat without any of the added fat.